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Creators of Shreducation.

Gone Boarding revolutionizes education through a curriculum centered on the dynamic realm of board design and construction. Our distinctive methodology invites students to immerse themselves in project-based learning, earning credits within an engaging and interactive setting. We empower students to become innovators, leading them through the journey of crafting, constructing, and riding personalized boards. Join us at Gone Boarding, where students actively shape their futures.

What you need to get started.

A Champion Teacher

You will need staff to run this program at your school. The teacher(s) must have a passion for kids, building relationships, and facilitating success inside and outside of the classroom.

Access to the Gone Boarding Curriculum.

This is where we come in! We will provide all of the curriculum and training of the instructors as well as all of the supplies and materials for all of the board builds. Oh...and we also provide ongoing support - we LOVE our teachers!

Students willing to "Dream it...Build it...Shred it!

Trust us! You already have these kids in your building. In fact, when presented with this possibility, you will have students coming out of the woodwork asking how they can help make it happen!

A space to run the program

You do not have to have a traditional "shop" space although that helps. You just need a room. We have schools running the program in many different spaces.

Shred it!
Build it.
Dream it.
How could Gone Boarding benefit your students?

Our current model of education was developed over 125 years ago and is a rinse and repeat model in which students are often treated like products on a factory line. We need to get away from the "sit and get" methodology of disseminating information. We need to empower students to be active participants in their educational experience. Gone Boarding allows educators to engage their students with rigor and relevance, inspire them to push beyond preconceived boundaries, and ultimately empower them to passionately pursue their futures! Not to mention your students will be designing and building some pretty rad boards that will last their lifetime!

Skill Development
Developing ideas

Students are given the freedom to let their imagination come to life through the development and execution of ideas.

Time management

The process of creating boards requires students to establish a timeline  and plan for their project to be complete within the course requirements. 


Confidence in work

Preparing students with the resources needed to create a board and allowing them to take over the process gives them the confidence in their work. 


The culture of the Gone Boarding classroom is centered on the collaboration and teamwork of students working together to accomplish projects. 

Industrial design

Students are introduced to Industrial Design through engineering the design and structure of the boards they build. 


Gone Boarding prioritizes safety of the students by teaching them how to properly use tools and machines in the classroom. 


Gone Boarding gives students the ability to explore their creativity everyday in and out of the classroom.


Students are provided with several unique opportunities to connect with our partner companies and learn networking skills that will prepare them for their futures. 

Students in Gone Boarding will learn a broad range of hard skills across so many different areas including: product design, engineering, woodworking, graphic design, business/marketing, communications, and physical skills involved in riding. Equally important, students will learn very sought after soft skills that will set them apart from their peers and set them above the competition when pursuing a career.

Our Partners

We have partnered with the absolute best brands in the action-sports industry to provide unparalleled opportunities for our students. Some of these opportunities inc


Disrupting traditional education through innovative board design, engaging students in project-based learning, and empowering them for a transformed future — one board at a time.

Our Purpose

Providing opportunities for students to learn and develop through creation, collaboration, and experience.

 Through action sports, Gone Boarding is able to engage students and provide them with an experience that is unique from any other traditional classroom. The foundation of Gone Boarding is built on designing, constructing, and riding a variety of boards that exist in action sports. 

Contact us for more information to get started in your school.

Reach out today to get more information and set up a custom package quote for your school.

Thanks for your interest in Gone Boarding! We'll be in touch shortly.

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