Vans Foot the Bill

Vans Foot the Bill was a service initiative during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic where Gone Boarding partnered with Vans to raise money for those in need in our local area, Grand Rapids, MI. Gone Boarding students were given the opportunity to create a design to be the print on the top of a slide-on pair of Vans shoe. The winning design was then blasted out so that anybody could customize their own Vans shoe with the Gone Boarding design on the top and all proceeds were donated to families, local businesses, and non-profits in need. 

The Winning Shoe Design

The Gone Boarding "waffle on a stick" was the winning design for the shoe competition. People were able to customize and purchase a pair of Vans slip ons with this design.

Vans Strong T-Shirt

We also created a T-Shirt that was sold for $25 with all proceeds being donated. With the help of Vans, we were able to raise $20,000 that went directly to families, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations during the first two months of the pandemic!!

A message from the Godfather of Vans:

Steve Van Doren

Check out the Gone Boarding Family repping their "Vans Strong" tee!

Dream it. build it. shred it. 

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