Vans Foot The Bill

We are a company that delivers educational curriculum, supplies, and materials to students across the nation. Service has always been, and will always be at the heart of everything we do and try to instill in our Gone Boarding students everywhere. We will use the net proceeds in a "pay it forward" model. We will be gifting the money to families, small businesses, and non-profits that are hurting as a result of all of this. We have significant needs in our communities and we cannot think of a better final takeaway for the students in Gone Boarding than to show them that we are all part of a larger family that can come together to serve and help with needs in our communities!


We will be selling t-shirts to help raise money. The price of the t-shirt is $25 + $5 shipping.

Want to customize your own pair of Vans shoes? 

A pair of Gone Boarding students designed and created the graphic shown below. With the Vans Foot The Bill initiative, you are now able to go to their site and customize your own pair of shoes with the Gone Boarding graphic printed on! Vans is also generously giving back all proceeds from the Gone Boarding shoe sales back to Gone Boarding, allowing us to use to that money to help those in need.

A message from the Godfather of Vans:

Steve Van Doren

Dream it. build it. shred it. 

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