Gone Boardings's Service Initiatives

We are a company that delivers educational curriculum, supplies, and materials to students across the nation. Service has always been, and will always be at the heart of everything we do and try to instill in our Gone Boarding students everywhere. We will use a portion of all merchandise sales in a "pay it forward" model. We will be gifting the money to help schools attain the Gone Boarding curriculum for their students, small businesses, non-profits, and anything else in need. We have significant needs in our communities and we cannot think of a better final takeaway for the students in Gone Boarding than to show them that we are all part of a larger family that can come together to serve and help with needs in our communities!

Burton Riglet Program

Riglet Snowboarding is a program through Burton Snowboards. It allows Gone Boarding high school students to partner with elementary schools mentoring younger students in their PE classes, teaching them the basics of snowboarding. Once the snow falls, Gone Boarding students may take the elementary students out to the local hill if possible.   

burton riglet.png
Vans Foot the Bill

Vans Foot the Bill was a service initiative during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic where Gone Boarding partnered with Vans to raise money for those in need throughout our Gone Boarding schools across the country. Gone Boarding students created a shoe design for Vans. The design was then used by Vans for anybody to customize their own shoe with the Gone Boarding design. All net proceeds were donated to families, businesses, and nonprofits in need.   

Vans foot the bill logo.jpg