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Meet Brett

Meet Brett

Brett is now a student attending Utah State University & is studying Mechanical Engineering Student.

The most valuable skill I took away from Gone Boarding was the ability to work with others in new and unfamiliar settings. In the class, I worked as a member of a two-person team to create a surfboard. Neither of us had any experience designing a surfboard, let alone making one with just our own two hands and shop-tools, but we succeeded because we put our heads together and became excited about doing something new. We faced challenges and frustrating obstacles over the four months it took to complete the project, and we learned from each other how to better compromise, share ownership of the work, and critique one another. Even though we were both effective and eager team members from the beginning of the process, we both grew significantly in our abilities to help one another and contribute to achieve a common goal.

The most rewarding parts of my experience were being able to share the message about how special Gone Boarding is. I was one of three students selected across the district to appear on a WoodTV News show and talk about Gone Boarding, so there couldn’t have been a better opportunity to make my voice heard with the rest of the community about what Gone Boarding has to offer. I think regularly about the constant opportunities that were available to me through this class: speaking to my community at Gone Boarding Night, appearing on television, working with elementary school children with the Burton Riglet program, helping children snowboard for possibly the first (and I’m sure for some, the only) time in their lives at Cannonsburg Ski Area, participating in Vans Off The Wall Summer Bash, performing community service at Cannnonburg Ski Area. All of these are just one person’s experiences and opportunities, and I know I wasn’t alone in being passionate about affecting change through involvement in this class. It’s enriching to think how there are dozens of students at over a dozen different schools who have passion about bringing the joy of Gone Boarding to as many students as possible.

Brett Reges
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