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Meet Liv

Meet Liv

Liv is a studying marketing with a minor in Entrepreneurship & Innovation at Michigan State University.

Gone Boarding has impacted my life immensely after high school, and I am now a Red Bull student marketeer. Michigan State University and I heard about the position through gone boarding. Red Bull was also a company that I discovered I really wanted to work for during the Cali trip. Additionally, my time in GB has been one of my favorite talking points in conversations and interviews. It’s fun to brag about the incredible experience I had making boards, surfing during class, going out to California to meet with some amazing companies, and the problem solving skills I acquired.

This class was unforgettable!!! I will never forget the fun times I had in GB. I truly will carry the experiences I had with me for the rest of my life. The best part of my high school career was 100% gone boarding. It was such a good break from the high school routine, and I learned more about real-world problem solving in the 2 semesters I took GB than I had in the 3 years leading up to my senior year. Senior year was a hard year for me, but no matter what was going on I always looked forward to GB and it gave me motivation to get through the tough days. I will never forget that!

This class taught me that it’s up to ME to choose a career path that excites me, just like GB excited me while going to school everyday. Going through the classroom taught me to thrive in the struggle too, and enjoy the outcome. Whether that struggle was an obstacle I ran into creating my surfboard, or frustration as I couldn’t catch a wave on Lake Michigan for my life, I learned to enjoy where I was and be okay with messing up because that’s how growth happens. And a lot of growth took place for me as a student and person in the GB classroom!

Liv Keller
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