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Meet Madelyn

Meet Madelyn

Madelyn is currently studying strategic communications with a minor in entrepreneurship at Colorado Christian University.

The Gone Boarding program was a place where creativity and imagination was encouraged. Students were pumped with the freedom to think big, and inspiration flowed for the class to think outside the box. Gone Boarding is so unique to any other high school course offered. Through this class I found what it meant to love to learn. Our class learned things that I could see having direct application to my life outside of school and looking towards my future career. Gone Boarding reinvented a purpose for me to go to school each day.

Going through the classroom taught me to thrive in the struggle of different tasks, and to enjoy the well earned outcome. Whether that was an obstacle I ran into creating my surfboard, or frustration trying to catch a wave, I learned to be ok with messing up because that’s where growth happens. A lot of growth took place for me as a student and as a person in the Gone Boarding classroom.

Gone Boarding also revealed to me my love for action sports, and it determined the future I wanted to pursue in college. I have been able to carry with me countless aspects of Gone Boarding that have influenced my life in major ways: including, choosing my major, pursuing graphic design, and starting my own small business.

Madelyn Long
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