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Gone Boarding is about enriching lives of students through reshaping the traditional classroom setting. We focus on using the product design process of boards to engage and empower students in their educational journey.

Disrupting traditional education through innovative board design.

Our Story & Values

Conceived in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 2012, Gone Boarding has emerged as a leader in project-based learning and non-traditional education. Lifelong educator, Bill Curtis, was seeking a way to combat the epidemic of disengagement so prevalent with secondary students. "Educational Disruption" was the only way to do that. Gone Boarding is the solution! Utilizing the design and creation of all types of rideable boards, we have made school engaging and relevant.

Collaboration at Gone Boarding means people working together to build and ride boards, creating something greater than what one person could achieve alone. This includes sharing expertise, brainstorming ideas, and crafting unique boards as a team. When riding, collaboration entails sharing tips, supporting each other's progress, and building friendships.


Courage for Gone Boarding means daring to push personal limits, take risks, and embrace new experiences in boarding. It involves facing challenges head-on, whether it's attempting new tricks or exploring a new board design.


For Gone Boarding, creativity means innovation, self-expression, and exploration. It's about pushing boundaries, thinking differently, and bringing unique visions to life in board design and riding.



Bill Curtis

President & Founder

Bill also serves as an instructor for the Gone Boarding program at Forest Hills Public School District in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he has taught since 2003. With a deep passion for connecting with young people, he is dedicated to empowering them with opportunities to pursue their passions. Bill enjoys riding various types of boards throughout the year and cherishes spending time with his family. He is happily married and has two young groms who are growing to be action sports enthusiasts. 

Scott Kemperman

Director of Curriculum

In addition to being the Director of Curriculum at Gone Boarding LLC, Scott is a lead instructor for the program at Forest Hills Public School District in Grand Rapids, Michigan. With a teaching career spanning since 2004, he finds fulfillment in forming meaningful connections with students and encouraging them to strive for their highest potential. Outside of work, Scott is happily married and cherishes spending time with his three energetic boys, who keep him on the move.

Madelyn Long

Director of Sales & Marketing

Madelyn is a proud alumni of Colorado Christian University. She holds a degree in Strategic Communications and a minor in Entrepreneurship. During her college years Madelyn competed in college volleyball, but her love for adventure extends beyond the court, with a deep enthusiasm for surfing, snowboarding, and longboarding. Having kickstarted her journey with the Gone Boarding program in high school, Madelyn has come full circle, joining us as our first employee. 

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